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Feb. 4, 2021

What's holding you back? The Answer may surprise you...

What's holding you back? The Answer may surprise you...
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Sometimes in the midst of unexpected transition and difficult circumstances, we move into a new place and see opportunities we hadn't ever anticipated. We may even find that the thing holding us back wasn't what we thought in the first place.

You’ll definitely want to hear my conversation with my friend, David Lee Martin. David is a Christian marketplace minister who is committed to helping you discover your awesome, and share it with the world!

David shares his story of unexpectedly transitioning from full-time church ministry to founding a ministry-oriented business. He speaks candidly about the challenges of starting a new business in the midst of difficult circumstances, shifting his mindset based on what the Bible truly teaches about money, and finding that what was really holding him back financially was fear of failure.

A few other highlights you won't want to miss:

-Why creating smaller goals might be the best way to stay motivated
-The importance of moving forward (even if slowly) in the direction of your dreams
-How he repurposes content in multiple formats (allowing him to host a daily podcast!)

Please join me for this conversation and let's reflect together on how unexpected challenges sometimes bring about opportunities and growth we can’t even imagine.

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