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July 15, 2021

Thriving in the Midst of Transition w/ Dawn Apuan

Thriving in the Midst of Transition w/ Dawn Apuan
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“If you choose victimhood, you'll always stay stuck.” - Dawn Apuan

Sometimes life takes a turn we weren’t expecting and we have to decide how to move forward from there. What if there are opportunities to step into something new, something better than you imagined?

We’re joined this week by special guest, Dawn Apuan. Dawn is an expert copywriter and funnel strategist who crafts words into wealth. Former pastor and non-profit Executive Director, her mission now is to help entrepreneurs sell out even their most expensive offers with messaging that brilliantly captures their voice to attract dream clients - without costing them time and energy creating it.

Dawn shares her story of unexpectedly moving from pastoring to becoming an “accidental entrepreneur” and the owner of a six-figure copywriting business. We also discuss how to approach pricing (especially as a new entrepreneur), why personal growth is so important in the entrepreneurial journey, how to find the confidence to take the next step, and how discovering her true calling quickly transformed Dawn’s business (and income).

Please join me for this episode and let’s consider together how to thrive and embrace new opportunities and growth in the midst of transition.

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