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March 16, 2021

This Beautiful Adventure

This Beautiful Adventure
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Is there a new adventure that you’ve been considering for months (maybe years), but haven’t yet taken any action towards accomplishing it? Maybe you’ve contemplated starting a business, launching a new product, moving to a new place, or finally going for a long-time dream.

If you’re considering stepping outside of your comfort zone to try something new and go for your dreams, you won’t want to miss my conversation with my friend and the one who keeps me on track in my business, Elizabeth Fisher.

In conjunction with supporting all of the needs of my business, Elizabeth is the founder of Creekside Virtual Solutions, a virtual administrative and marketing assistance business. She loves to help business owners and ministry leaders build stronger relationships with those they serve by helping them implement creative strategies and taking on tasks that help them focus on the things they do best and enjoy the most.

In our conversation, Elizabeth shares about her upcoming podcast launch and the journey to this moment (that started with a desire to be a radio DJ!), how fear and comparing herself to others held her back from starting, and why the premise of her show is so meaningful to her.

Some other highlights from our conversation include:

  • What led her to finally take action towards her dream
  • Why success might be more likely than failure in a new project
  • How we may never know the ripple effects of the work we do

Please join me for this conversation and let’s reflect together on the journey of taking action to begin a new adventure.

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