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July 22, 2021

The Wheel of Life

The Wheel of Life
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Have you ever had a flat tire? All of a sudden, everything is off and your car isn’t able to keep going. In a similar way, there are so many areas of life that make up who we are, but what happens when things get out of balance and something feels off?

In this episode, Elizabeth and I are discussing Dan Miller’s Wheel of Life illustration, which speaks to the various aspects of life and the importance of paying attention to each of these areas. We talk about my faith journey and recent encouragement I’ve received, the creative opportunities we can discover in the midst of challenges, and why it isn’t about where you start from, but where you’re going. We also bring out some of our best puns about wheels!

Please join me for this episode and let’s consider together how we can invest into all the aspects of our lives, bringing greater joy and fulfillment to each day.

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