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April 15, 2021

The Ripple Effect

The Ripple Effect
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What happens when we make the choice to learn from those we respect, and then we take what has been invested into us and pour that into others? How does that impact them? Their families? Their work? Their friendships? Everyone they meet? We may never know the impact of our investment or even the simple acts of kindness we can choose every day.

You won’t want to miss my conversation with my co-host Elizabeth. We discuss some of our key takeaways from The Copywriting Academy Live workshop, the importance of choosing kindness, and the ways in which we can intentionally invest into others.

Some other highlights from our conversation include:

-Learning by watching someone else lead well

-The three mastermind groups everyone needs

-The importance of changing our words - both to ourselves and others

Please join me for this conversation and let’s reflect together on the impact we can have in the lives of others by choosing kindness and intentionally investing into those around us.

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