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Jan. 28, 2021

The Journey to Finding Meaningful Work

The Journey to Finding Meaningful Work
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Do you sometimes feel like you're struggling to find your place and the work that feels the most meaningful for you? Maybe you've tried a few things, but you don't know if you've found your passion yet. Or maybe you've found what you love to do, but you’re trying to find the best fit for you.

Do you relate to this? If so, you won't want to miss my conversation with my friend and the co-host of The Business & Brews Show, Ryan Smeltz.

Ryan Smeltz and Gevin Vinson started The Business & Brews Show over a year ago. Business & Brews focuses on getting out the word about small businesses located in the greater Raleigh area and spotlights local NC breweries.

Ryan and Gevin met with Nick of Trek CBD and partnered together, which initially provided them with a space to host their show. Through the pandemic, they’ve now transitioned to a virtual platform.

Thanks to everyone involved, they are now live every Sunday at 7 pm EST on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter (Periscope), and Twitch. They also host “The Afterbrews'' and “How to Build a Business in a Pandemic” on these platforms. The audio can be found on Amazon, iTunes, iHeart Radio and wherever you listen to podcasts.

Ryan shares openly the story of his journey to finding his passion, including his time in the Army, several job fields, and his first business venture. We also discuss the significance of kindness in business and why it's important to just get started with what you have.

A few other highlights from our conversation include:

-The importance of who we associate with and how that can change over time

-Ryan's story of starting a face-to-face sales job with a broken leg

-Why you shouldn’t wait until your content is perfect to share it with the world

Please join me for this conversation with Ryan Smeltz and let's consider together the importance of the journey in finding the work that is most meaningful to each of us.

More Information about Ryan Smeltz:

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Veteran Talk Show - launching March 1st:

Zoom Course on Udemy - Reach out to Ryan at for more information

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Gary Vaynerchuk:

Amazon FBA (Fulfilment) -

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