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April 18, 2020

Taking Imperfect Action, An Introduction to the Pro Growth Marketing Podcast

Taking Imperfect Action, An Introduction to the Pro Growth Marketing Podcast
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Are you a business leader with a growth mindset? Do you want to improve your marketing, your growth, and your business? Then Welcome to the Pro Growth marketing podcast. 

Hi, I'm Dan and my goal is to provide you with information and resources to help you make informed choices when it comes to, growth, marketing and achieving more in your business and your life. 

Today I had a revelation as I listened to my new friend Dr Fred Jones (courtesy of Ray Edwards live at 5am). 

We all have a story and experiences, if we don’t share them, there may be people suffering from not hearing it. Yes, someone out there may be suffering because I failed to take action to share the knowledge and information I have from my experiences. 

The cobblers children have no shoes...

Three thoughts for today:

  1. Take Imperfect Action 
  2. Your story matters 
  3. Celebrate Small Wins 


Special thanks to Krystal Proffitt for sharing encouragement and resources to help me get started- Podcasting Resources

Ray Edwards LiveStream at 5am Pacific Time:

Dr. Fred Jones, Bookologist, to schedule a strategy session visit:

Thank you for listening!

I'd love to invite you to share any feedback or insights with me 

To your success!