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Sept. 2, 2021

Seeing the Worth in Yourself and Others

Seeing the Worth in Yourself and Others

What would change in our lives and the lives of those around us if we better understood and recognized the worth that God has placed in both ourselves and others? What a powerful, meaningful, and life-impacting way to live.

We’re joined on this episode by special guest, Dr. Fred Jones. Dr. Jones is an attorney and retired business law and ethics professor. He is also the creator of Bestseller Overnight, the #1 self-publishing program on the internet! He believes that your value is unlimited, your worth is without measure, but your price is what you are willing to accept. This belief has driven him to help hundreds of writers become bestselling authors and then start and grow their businesses based on their bestselling books.

He and his wife Loretta are the proud parents of four adult children. Their identical twin daughters are both presiding judges. One of their sons is a saxophonist and the other is a speaker and bestselling author. They also have four grandchildren. Fred gets great joy from cooking, gardening and serving his grandchildren. His favorite quote is “The most expensive thing you will ever pay is attention to the wrong people.”

In this episode, Dr. Jones shares openly from his story about the role kindness has played in his life, how faith has made a difference, and what led him to teach others about writing and publishing. We also discuss the importance of prioritizing relationships, the power of really paying attention to others, and how the thing that makes you angry could be your assignment.

Please join me for this episode and let’s consider together the worth placed in each of us by God and how that makes a difference in our daily lives.

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