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Growth is great

These two do a fine job of talking about the normal fears and struggles that come with the desire to grow as a person or in business. This is a good podcast for anyone wanting to change and improve their life.

Great and inspirational content

Every episode of this podcast has phenomenal content and is inspirational not just for business growth purposes, but all personally. Hearing all of the things that people went through and how they have progressed I am sure will be a huge help to anyone who listens. Some phrases that stand out to me are “You are good enough,” “Give yourself grace,” “God is rooting for you even if no one else is.”

Ran out

I am the weirdo who listens on 3X speed, so now I’ve listened to all the episodes and have to wait for more to come out. 😞

Great resource!

Thank you Dan for your great work here. Really loved the episode with Krystal Proffitt. Such a simple yet profound message. Sometimes you just have to start and show up and watch the magic unfold before you. Keep up the great work!

Great job, Dan! Awesome concept

I’m looking forward to more episodes.