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April 29, 2021

Navigating Life Transitions

Navigating Life Transitions
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Life is often full of transitions that bring us into new seasons and lead to new opportunities and adventures. It can be hard to navigate the bittersweet time of leaving what you know to enter into the unknown. How do we do that well?

You’ll definitely want to hear my conversation with my co-host, Elizabeth. We discuss the anticipation and challenges of moving into a new season, the importance of intentionally designing your life, and why it all comes down to relationships.

Some other highlights from our conversation include:

  • The story of how I decided to move to Florida
  • Finding what is significant in both what we’re leaving and what lies ahead
  • What Elizabeth most appreciated about family road trips

Please join me for this conversation and let’s consider together how to say goodbye to a current life season and step into a new opportunity.

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