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March 4, 2021

Is there room at the table for me?

Is there room at the table for me?
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Don’t we all just want to show up as ourselves in our work? To be an authentic version of ourselves, share the things that matter most to us, have our voices be heard, and thrive in our skills, gifts, and abilities. But it can be hard to show up as yourself.

You won’t want to miss my conversation with my friend and the owner of Inten Coaching, Amber Hamilton. 

Amber is an entrepreneur and mom of four children. She has a passion for helping women think intentionally and strategically about their lives and their careers.

In our conversation, Amber shares the story of discovering her love for intentional conversations about business and life with other women, the importance of being vulnerable and real, and how she’s finding her place at the table.

Other highlights include:

-How she’s been reinventing herself in the midst of unexpected transition

-Why relationships matter so much in business

-How she’s learned to care less about what others think

Please join me for this conversation and let’s reflect together on how showing up as ourselves leads to stronger connections with others at the table.

Brene Brown

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