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Colleen E Law


Colleen is a professor at a Christian University in Virginia where she teaches Public
Health to both undergraduates and graduates. She is the owner of ABD Coaching
Solutions, Inc. At ABD Coaching Solutions she helps students writing theses to get
unstuck from wherever they are in the process and gets them writing again. She
does this using their personality traits to establish habits and change their

Colleen is also establishing a business in which she builds customized LEGO
houses for people. At present, she has more than 432 builds. She began building
with LEGOs as a way of connecting with her much younger brothers and has been
doing so ever since.

Jan. 20, 2022

7 Areas of Life Development

This week I’m joined by my friends and Colleagues in the coaching world, Anita Anello and Colleen Law. We’re excited to discuss with you the 7 major areas of life that lead to more fulfillment, more joy, not just in …

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Oct. 14, 2021

Creating A Business (or Three!) You Love w/ Colleen Law

Sometimes it can be hard to narrow down business ideas and we can put pressure on ourselves to find the “one right thing” for us. But what if the right work plan for you isn’t just one thing, but a …

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