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July 16, 2020

Guest interview w/ Dr. Fred Jones - Publish Me Now University

Guest interview w/ Dr. Fred Jones - Publish Me Now University
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Find your worth, value your voice and tell your story!

Dr. Fred Jones is a retired business law and ethics professor, intellectual property attorney, and bestselling author.  All of his private clients are #1 bestselling authors.  He is the world's only Worthologist and the creator of the Write Your Worth Conference.

Why should you write a book, how to get started and leverage your book to prosper in your business. 

Dr. Jones is from a small town (Fort NE-CESSITY) Franklin Parrish, New Orleans and a small family of FOURTEEN. 11 of 14 went on to receive a college education. 

He became an attorney to help his family and others not get ripped off. Intellectual property (IP), thoughts, ideas and writing are what led him to where he is now. Words on paper mean you are creating property. Don’t get ripped off.

Hear his story and more.

Worthology is the message - Bookology is the Methodology. Your worth is without measure, but your price is what your willing to accept. Dr. Jones aims to bring out the best in anyone and everyone as they were made by God. 

Everyone has a story. “Your deepest pain point is your highest paying point”. 

Dr. Jones provides a 3-step plan to make it easy for you to share your message in a book and create unlimited wealth through your words.  

1. Decide what to write about

2. Don’t make it hard

3. Do it

Pick up the phone, get a free conference call line and call Dan W (  to interview you… We’ll work together to transcribe the interview based on 12 questions. You’ll have between 7-10K words. 

Transcribe, Edit, Format and Design, then publish to to self publish. (Kindle Direct Publishing) and start selling your book.

Ray Edwards podcast with Dr. Jones:

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