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Jan. 20, 2022

7 Areas of Life Development

This week I’m joined by my friends and Colleagues in the coaching world, Anita Anello and Colleen Law. We’re excited to discuss with you the 7 major areas of life that lead to more fulfillment, more joy, not just in …

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Dec. 16, 2021

What’s Your Vision for Future?

This week I share my 7-step process for goal setting because I truly want you to be able to address maintaining motivation and focus and I believe this process, which I discovered while serving as a Master Resilience Trainer ...

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Dec. 9, 2021

3 Keys to Sustainable Growth - Part 3

Once you’ve launched a business, how do you start or maintain growth? How can you serve more clients or customers, increase your impact, and bring in more revenue? And then, how do you remain inspired? In this episode, we’re ...

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Dec. 2, 2021

3 Keys to Sustainable Growth - Part 2

Once you’ve launched a business, how do you start or maintain growth? How can you serve more clients or customers, increase your impact, and bring in more revenue? In this episode, we’re discussing the second of three keys to...

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Nov. 25, 2021

Gratitude in Business and Life

We’re doing something different in this episode and pausing to reflect on the importance and significance of gratitude in both business and life, as we prepare to celebrate Thanksgiving in the United States. We talk about int...

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Nov. 18, 2021

3 Keys to Sustainable Growth

Once you’ve launched a business, how do you start or maintain growth? How can you serve more clients or customers, increase your impact, and bring in more revenue? In this episode, we introduce three keys to sustainable growt...

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Nov. 11, 2021

How to Pivot Well + A Few Surprises

Are you wanting or needing to make a transition in your work? Maybe you’re wondering what options are available to you and how to determine your next steps. If so, you won’t want to miss this episode! We’re discussing how …

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Nov. 4, 2021

The Real Question Behind the Question w/ John G Miller

It’s a powerful thing when we recognize that the only person we can change is ourselves. When we take personal accountability, we’re able to start taking action to improve our circumstances and move forward. We’re joined on t...

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Oct. 28, 2021

MXLTIPLY Your Marketing w/ Bryan Switalski

Social media is often something we know is important for our business marketing plans, but aren’t quite sure how to approach. It can be challenging to figure out where to start, how to create content, and the best way to …

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Oct. 21, 2021

Connect, Engage, Inspire

The connections we build with others are so meaningful and impactful, whether in starting a business, moving forward in your career, increasing your business impact, or being purposeful in personal relationships. It’s also a ...

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Oct. 14, 2021

Creating A Business (or Three!) You Love w/ Colleen Law

Sometimes it can be hard to narrow down business ideas and we can put pressure on ourselves to find the “one right thing” for us. But what if the right work plan for you isn’t just one thing, but a …

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Oct. 7, 2021

PR, Storytelling, and Keeping Business Fun w/ Lauren Kwedar Cockerell

Is it possible to start a business that uses your gifts, makes a difference, incorporates fun into each day, and is also profitable? Maybe it sounds too good to be true, but the great news is that this is absolutely …

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Sept. 30, 2021

Being Intentional in Work and Life w/ Anita Anello

Being intentional in both our work and our lives can feel challenging at times. How do we make purposeful decisions that move us forward in our goals in both aspects? Is it even possible to love both your work and …

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Sept. 23, 2021

Could Your New Journey Start Today?

What if you started today? If you decided to start working towards the business you’ve dreamed of, the goal you’ve been hoping to accomplish, or the habit you know would change your life. Today could be the start of a …

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Sept. 16, 2021

Paying it Forward w/ Richard Kaufman

The challenges we’ve faced and the struggles we’ve walked through can often lead to some of the most powerful opportunities to serve others. We can be a trusted voice of help, as one who has walked a similar path and …

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Sept. 9, 2021

Discovering New Opportunities in Business

One of the incredible joys of being an entrepreneur is that there are so many possibilities and you get to choose when to pursue a new idea or make a change in your business. Sometimes the opportunities even show up …

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Sept. 2, 2021

Seeing the Worth in Yourself and Others

What would change in our lives and the lives of those around us if we better understood and recognized the worth that God has placed in both ourselves and others? What a powerful, meaningful, and life-impacting way to live. W...

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Aug. 26, 2021

You Don’t Have to Start From Scratch

Do you want to become an entrepreneur, but aren’t sure if starting a business from scratch is the right fit for you? There are so many options available in the franchising world and this might be the perfect choice for …

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Aug. 19, 2021

An Update On Our Journey

This episode is a little bit different as I wanted to take some time to update you on some recent significant changes and shifts in the work that we’re doing. I also wanted to share more of the story behind …

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Aug. 12, 2021

Elements of Strong Relationships for Entrepreneurs

Relationships are so important in all areas of life, whether business or personal. How do we build and grow strong relationships? We’re joined on this episode by special guests, Jason and Melanie Crane. Jason & Melanie recent...

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Aug. 5, 2021

The Impact of Kindness

Words and actions are powerful. We can impact someone’s life in a positive or negative way with the choices we make. How might infusing more kindness into our lives affect those around us and make a difference, perhaps even b...

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July 29, 2021

(Revisited) How Knowing Your Purpose Changes How You Live w/ Mark Del…

Do you sense there’s more in you – more to give to the world, more to experience, a more adventurous life to be lived – but you’re not sure how to get started? Maybe you’re wrestling with fear about leaving …

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July 22, 2021

The Wheel of Life

Have you ever had a flat tire? All of a sudden, everything is off and your car isn’t able to keep going. In a similar way, there are so many areas of life that make up who we are, but …

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July 15, 2021

Thriving in the Midst of Transition w/ Dawn Apuan

“If you choose victimhood, you'll always stay stuck.” - Dawn Apuan Sometimes life takes a turn we weren’t expecting and we have to decide how to move forward from there. What if there are opportunities to step into something ...

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