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Aug. 12, 2021

Elements of Strong Relationships for Entrepreneurs

Elements of Strong Relationships for Entrepreneurs
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Relationships are so important in all areas of life, whether business or personal. How do we build and grow strong relationships? 

We’re joined on this episode by special guests, Jason and Melanie Crane. Jason & Melanie recently transplanted their family from the State of Washington to the Red Rocks of St. George, Utah. They have been entrepreneurs for over two decades, with a background in wealth management, life & business coaching and holistic healing. They are the creators of “The Resilient Entrepreneur Summit” which premiered in June. They just celebrated their 23rd wedding anniversary and have five amazing kids ages 4-17. Jason & Melanie are on a mission to help entrepreneurs master client acquisition without sacrificing their families.  

Jason and Melanie share their story of the lessons they’ve learned throughout their 23 years of marriage, while also navigating the challenges of starting and growing businesses. We also discuss the importance of speaking well of others, the ability we have to change ourselves and our lives, and the power of having a shared goal.

Please join me for this conversation and let’s consider together how to build strong relationships, in our work and our lives.

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