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March 18, 2021

Bringing Financial Hope

Bringing Financial Hope
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Do you find yourself wanting to go for your dreams in business and life, but finding that your current financial situation is holding you back? Maybe money is causing conflict in your relationships or stress in your life.

If you relate to this, you won’t want to miss my conversation with my friend and the host of the Debt Free Dad Podcast, Brad Nelson.

Many people struggle with money and debt. Brad teaches a simple process to help them learn how to save money and eliminate debt, allowing them to take control of their finances so they can do more of what they love. Brad uses his personal story to relate to others. He provides practical steps and advice for a new financial plan that shows people how to win and live a stress-free and debt-free life.

In our conversation, Brad shares his story of figuring out the path to being debt-free, building a business to share that with others so they can transform their lives, and how he’s dealt with fear, imposter syndrome, and challenges along the way.

Some other highlights from our conversation include:

  • The personal impact of the testimonials he’s received from those he’s helped
  • Whether buying a house is better than renting
  • His four top strategies to start improving your finances

Join me for this conversation and let’s consider together the impact of finances in every area of life and how to take the steps forward to freedom.

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