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Are you tired of spending your time comfortable with the uncomfortable? Ready to finally step out and find your joy, your passion and start really living? Then welcome to the ProGrowth Podcast, My name is Dan and my goal is to connect with and inspire others to help you find the direction you should go.

About the Host

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Dan Woerheide


Dan is an Army veteran, marketing enthusiast, and transformation coach. He loves to help entrepreneurs and business professionals find clarity and confidence in their next steps to grow in their business and their life. He works with his clients through 1-on-1 coaching, a mastermind, the Pro Growth Podcast, and other live events. He is passionate about connecting with others and would invite you to call to share something you’re working on.

Dan is a former StoryBrand Guide, he’s Master Resilience Trainer, Master Financial Coach, and through his military career he served in multiple roles as an Instructor and Trainer. He’s passionate about connecting with and inspiring others.

Connect with him on all major social media platforms, Clubhouse, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and TikTok @Dan_Woerheide